Gaan consulting

Years of experience and always up to date

We are passionate about technology and are happy to help you optimise your business processes. We are more than an implementation partner; we are your conversation partner. Together, we look for an answer to your question and realise the desired solution.

Building bridges between business and IT

Our goal is to provide a complete and comprehensive service. How we achieve this? Our consultants are all experienced and solution-oriented professionals who always go the extra mile. Our knowledge of the latest technology and a significant amount of process knowledge and people skills allow us to build bridges between business and IT.

Innovation? We're here to help you.

Innovation is a must. Because you want to stay ahead. Or because of new laws and regulations. Or because you want to revise your business processes due to market developments. Maybe you're temporarily short of knowledge or manpower. Whatever the reason: we understand what you're looking for. Our consultants are ready to help you realise these objectives.


BI, Data Science and Analytics consultancy

Whether it's business, communication or technical issues, thanks to our implementation experience you can be sure you'll get access to the right knowledge.


Both big and small

We work for both big and small clients. Take a look at an overview containing some of our clients.