BI, Data Science and Analytics consultancy

Whether you approach us with a business, communication or technical issue, you can always rely on our implementation experience to ensure you'll get access to the right knowledge.

Gaan has a massive amount of knowledge and expertise in various fields. In addition to our penchant for technology, we are highly adept at integration and communicating with your business. This is how we build bridges between business and IT. We optimise your information requirements, taking into account the in-house knowledge and expertise. Additionally, by using advanced software and technology, we can track down, visualise and predict patterns in your data. Take, for example, fraud detection, optimisation of your call centre and price optimisation.

Project management and coaching

We also have years of extensive experience in the field of project management. Since 2012, we have been fully focussed on the Agile philosophy, and we have ample experience with the Scrum methodology. Coaching and transforming teams to actually facilitate success and reduce expenses by doing those things that really add value. We always look ahead, and that's how we stand out from our competition.

Some of our clients:

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